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            Seamless Resolution for Real Time Drilling and Geological Monitoring (SRDGM)
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                SRDGM has been working on the effective cooperation on geological study, dynamic management, on-site decision-making between the wellsite and base, to enhance the scientific decision making, lower the risk on the exploration and development stages, and improve the rate of return on investment.

                By sharing the data from the real-time drilling, well logging, mud logging and directional drilling, experts from different disciplines (drilling, geology, etc.) collaboratively work together to make more favorable decisions, to lower the risk on operations.

                By using the SRDGM, the user can master the dynamic progress on drilling, quickly grasp the information on the underground formation, reservoir property and hydrocarbon shows, to help customers to make decision on drilling in time, guide the on-site operations, to save time on decision-making.

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